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Web sites

I developed several web sites for companies, artists, restaurants, associations and more. I write code in html5 and css3, I use CMS as Wordpress or Prestashop and software as Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Among the web sites I developed:

  • Comune di Zavattarello (Pv)
  • Prima Lasagneria Italiana, Miami (FL - USA)
  • XGLab Distribuzione Italia, Milano
  • JET Program International, Milano-Trento
  • Alessandra Locatelli, Mortara (Pv)
  • Samu Service S.R.L., Agrate Brianza (Mb)
  • Associazione Anemos, Ispra (Va)
  • Mini Metal S.N.C., Cesano Maderno (Mi)
  • Ricinnamon Video Production, Melegnano (Mi)
  • Studio Legale Draghi Bozzola, Voghera (Pv)
  • Comune di Romagnese (Pv)
  • Walter Passarella Arte, Mortara (Pv)
  • Two Thousand Photo, Mortara (Pv)
  • Libri Animati di Costantino Leanti, Pavia
  • Cridact - Universit√† di Pavia
  • Coro A.N.A. Italo Timallo, Voghera (Pv)

Photos and videos

I love taking photos: I never go out without my camera. Even if I am not a professional photographer, I realised photo shootings for tourist promotion, web sites, newspapers. Browse my photos on Flickr!

I filmed and edited promotional videos. Discover a selection on Vimeo!
In collaboration with Angelo Cannella Production, I participated in the realisation of promotional videos and documentaries as a conductor, voice-over, author of scripts both in English and Italian.
Discover our collaboration.


I organise various kinds of events: Medieval reenactments, shows, dancing evenings, exhibitions...
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Medieval Days

Castle of Zavattarello

every year, 15th and 16th August

The Medieval Days of Zavattarello celebrate an event linked to the most famous person of this castle: Pietro dal Verme. These days celebrate the betrothal between him and Chiara Sforza.
Two days of feast to relive the magical athmospheres of the Medieval Ages, diving in the life of a fortress during the 15th century: with ladies, knights, artisans, courtsmen, the garden and the rooms are animated with battles, dances and games, with a lot of entertainments.
In 2012 I conceived a new programme for this event, and now I organise the shows and the reenactment groups.

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The Mysteries of the Castle

Mystery Tour in the Castle of Zavattarello

every year, in October

I conceived and organised this special event, specifically imagined for the Castle of Zavattarello and its legend.
The Mystery Tour is an emotional experience, a theatre show, a path through time and space on the border between suggestion and reality. It is difficult to distinguish between them, closed inside an ancient castle, separated from the external world, in a place where past and present merge, accompanied by people who came from the Middle Ages to mix between others from our time.

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Summer in Art

"Giuseppe e Titina dal Verme" Museum

every summer, from April to September

I am the temporary exhibitions curator for the Contemporary Art Museum "Giuseppe e Titina dal Verme" in Zavattarello (Pavia - Italy).
Since 2011 the cycle "Summer in Art" presents artists having a bond with the land or an artistic research being suitable for the prestigious container that is the Dal Verme Castle.
A special event has been the exhibition "We are from Zava", the collection of photographies of Zavattarello and its people since the end of the 19th century: a collective project with the collaboration of all the people who love this town. With the contribution of the inhabitants, the exhibition told the history of this borough as seen, lived and told by its protagonists.
For the same museum I also organised different kinds of events: concerts, dancing evenings, thematic visits.


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Autunnonero Ghost Tour Triora

Storyteller in English and Italian

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Autunnonero Ghost Tour Dolceacqua

Storyteller in Italian

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The Mysteries of the Castle

Mystery Tour in the Castle of Zavattarello

Ghost Tours with Autunnonero

Since 2013 I collaborate with Autunnonero for the realisation of the Ghost Tour Triora, the Ghost Tour Dolceacqua and other projects. I am a storyteller in nglish and Italian during these special events, when we tell tragic and mysterious historical facts, ghost stories, folklore and legends.
A deep historical research gives the Ghost Tours a great accuracy, always the main background of these emotional paths through mystery.

"Some of the things we are going to tell
are historical facts,
others are legends or folklore,
but nothing of the things you are going to listen to
are fantasies or inventions.
Therefore, always follow our lantern
and avoid dark corners..."

The Mysteries of the Castle

Thanks to the experience with Autunnonero, in October 2013 I conceived "The Mysteries of the Castle", a special Mystery Tour in the Castle of Zavattarello, to discover its legend and mysterious facts.
This is not a classical guided tour to tell the history and appreciate the architecture of the ancient fortress, but a real journey to discover its mysterious and obscure side. The nighttime path guides you into each room of the castle in a real show: step by step, the history of Pietro dal Verme gives way to the mystery, until you reach the heart of the story, in total darkness.

"A cold night of October many centuries ago.
An historical poisoning,
that also became legend.
A series of inexplicable happenings.
A journey to discover them..."